Here are some comments that we have been receiving from community members.


Medicaid and the State of Nebraska need to take a step back and consider what effects their funding cuts are having, not just to the nursing homes themselves, but what these funding cuts are doing to the people who depend on them…the people who have helped build this great State.

-Bill Neely – Trenton, Nebraska


I am shocked by the State of Nebraska’s plan for Medicaid reimbursement to Nebraska nursing homes…Private Pay residents cannot be expected to make up such unrealistic reimbursement cuts.


Ron Vaca Board Member St Joseph’s Villa, David City


(Upon closure of the nursing home) Many of the residents had to move at least 35 miles away.  Some had elderly spouses that still lived at home. This was the saddest and most depressing time I have ever had in my life.

Jeri Biltoft – Employee –  Sandhills Care Center


I have had several co­workers in the past two years go to work in other businesses because they can make more money at that job…It is sad that you can make more money taking care of pigs in our country than you can caring for our elderly.

Jeri Biltoft – Employee –  Sandhills Care Center


I have worked in different states in small nursing facilities as well. I was always proud that Nebraska facilities were held to higher standards. With these cuts, the standard of care is still high, but so much harder.

Lisa Merklin MA


We employ 60+ employees. If it was to be shut down because of Medicaid cuts, the livelihood of most of us would be jeopardized. The majority of us would have to travel 45-65 miles to work.

-Dan Wagner Head of Maintenance – Alpine Village Retirement Center


These residents have paid their dues, and now deserve to be taken care of with the utmost respect.

-Jeanne M. Wagner, CDM, CFPP Alpine Village Retirement Center


Successful nursing homes are critical to the health of Nebraska…The impact of a failing nursing home on a community is much greater than most businesses… As our state chooses to withhold full reimbursement for services, it is Nebraskans who suffer

-Brian Vakoc.


Alpine Village Nursing Home has been a very important asset to our village’s economy.  To lose this nursing home would be a terrible detriment to our village. Please consider helping us keep the doors open to this wonderful facility.

David Wickett


The communities would suffer. The elders would be forced to be relocated to an unfamiliar town away from their family. The staff would leave the community. Schools would suffer due to the lower census as a majority of the employees we employ have children.

Lucas Kaup Administrator


I enjoy working with the residents and could not imagine not being able to work here.

Jacob Krysl – employee

This is my second home

Ashley Harkness – employee

There seems to be money or funding for everything else, and yet our old people are being neglected when it comes to their funding.

Evelyn Paxton Chairman of PSM Board


My parents sold their ranch to pay for their care. I don’t feel that private pay residents should have to make up the shortfall that the State/Federal dollars should be paying for the care of our elderly.

Kathy Suhr

My wife suffered for years with dementia and Alzheimer’s…Financially, it took all that I had…I was able to get my wife on Medicaid…and was so grateful for that help because all I have left is my social security. I don’t understand why the state wants to limit the Medicaid funding for our nursing homes.

Melvin Smith – Gering Nebraska


I am a 57-year-old muscular dystrophy sufferer and I reside at a small southwest Nebraska nursing home. I grew up in this small community and raised my children and now grandchildren here.

I am very active in the lives of my family and community. Without this nursing home I would lose all of this.

Lendy S—– resident

This small southwest Nebraska nursing home is a vital part of the lives of everyone in the area…It is important for so many people to keep our families and communities together and help create a strong foundation for the future of everyone.

Lendy S—– resident

Increasing Medicaid payments to a fair price will help keep a good nursing home and hospital both running. If we lose these jobs and businesses, the community is weakened.

Martha Rasmussen


Dollars spent on increasing Medicaid payments will keep local businesses running, will increase tax revenues, and will save dollars on the social cost of lost jobs, lost opportunities, and resulting dysfunctional families and individuals.

Martha Rasmussen


Please, we are asking you to help all the nursing homes that are taking care of people who have worked their whole life and are now in need of your help.

Lois D – Social Service Director – Sarah Ann Hester Memorial Home


It is no secret there is a shortage of nursing staff and we are having to supplement with agency staffing, which is so expensive and drives up the cost per patient day.

Trish Steager, Administrator – David City NE


What family can make ends meet when their income is 10% less than what their expenses were two years ago? That is how nursing homes in Nebraska are expected to function.

Sister Fran Schumer, ASC – St Joseph Villa & Court Board Member


Please consider increasing the rate that these facilities receive from the State of Nebraska! Our elderly are a valuable resource and they deserve respect and love.

Kathy Engel- David City


Nursing Homes like the Villa are left with raising the private pay resident rates in order to keep the doors open, when a large payer like Medicaid cuts their reimbursement.

Mike Adamy Board Member – St. Joseph’s Villa


We are a 5-Star facility because of the staff working hard to provide the best care possible. If this facility were to close, the community would be at a great loss.

Mary K


Is this how we treat our loved ones when they become older? …ship them off to a faraway place where no family and friends are, because we can’t help them? There is something wrong with our government if this is the case. Is this how you want to be treated when you grow old?

Theresa Horstmann


Please think of the small communities where people’s lives are affected without the proper Medicaid funding. We need our jobs and our residents need us!!

Phyllis Douglas Social Services Director